One Streetcar Broke Down, But Officials Say Opening Weekend Was A Success

May 9, 2016

Kansas City’s streetcar enjoyed a busy opening weekend, with more than 32,000 estimated passengers in the first two days, according to the Kansas City Streetcar Authority's Twitter account.

First-time riders were eager to share their experiences on social media:

But some of that excitement turned into frustration on Saturday when one of the four cars broke down.

Aimee Patton was riding the streetcar when the car ahead of hers stalled near the North Loop stop. She wrote on her personal blog that all passengers were asked to get off the streetcar and were told MAX buses were on their way to pick them up. After waiting for a while, she says she and her family decided to walk the rest of the way to the River Market.

"I get that there are going to be issues with the streetcar. I don’t have it built up to be some sort of ride at Disneyland. It’s public transportation – and public transportation can have serious problems (see recent Metro fire in DC) – but it’s DAY 2," she wrote.

Streetcar officials say there was a door malfunction on the fourth streetcar. Within about an hour, all streetcars were running again.

Lisa Rodriguez is a reporter and producer at KCUR 89.3. Connect with her on Twitter@larodrig