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Numbers Define Dress Code Furor

Nov 6, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. –
With a freshly-filed discrimination complaint against the Power and Light District, Kansas City's Human Relations Department reveals a test it took of the "lightning rod" dress code in the District.

The study says a test group of whites and minorities was sent to the entertainment district, all dressed in like fashion. All whites were admitted. 56 percent of minorities got in.

The department recommends regular testing of the code. It says district developer, Cordish Company has agreed. Cordish officer Zed Smith was less direct when asked by reporters for data-- saying,
"We do have some information and right now it's confidential!"

Members of an African American family have put complaints before the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, saying they met the entertainment district dress code and were still denied entrance to a club in August. Cordish would not directly respond to the allegations.