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Nixon Calls For More State Money For Drug Taskforces

Feb 12, 2013

Speaking at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office Monday, Governor Jay Nixon says it’s important to keep the state’s multi-jurisdictional drug task forces on the front lines.

Nixon’s proposed budget includes $3 million for these agencies to restore a decline in federal funding.

In Fiscal Year 2012, the state’s drug task forces accounted for 21,000 cases, 9,000 arrests and busted 1,700 meth labs. Nixon says without making up for this loss in funding, Missouri would have to take officers off the drug beat.

“We must meet their courage with our commitment to providing them the resources they need to win their battle in the war on drugs, especially in meth. Because the best asset we have in law enforcement is the men and women that wear the badge. Every day they fight drug use in our state,” Nixon said.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott says absence of these funds would mean less money for, among other things, undercover operations. Missouri has nearly 30 multi-jurisdictional drug task forces.