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New Islamic Art Exhibit At The Nelson

Aug 29, 2013

Credit Kayti Doolittle

When we hear about the Middle East and the cradle of Islam, many will no doubt think of news or politics-- about a war  in Syria or civil unrest in Egypt. But that would be only a partial picture. There are major cultural and artistic elements that have been created within the region.

A new exhibition called “Echoes” at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art takes classical and  ancient works of Islamic art and puts them alongside contemporary pieces, casting Islamic art in a new light. One of the most exciting things during the exhibit is by local KC artist, Asheer Akram. He designed and built a Pakistani cargo truck, a major cultural effort in Pakistan. 

Here's a real Pakistani Cargo Truck that Asheer may have gotten his inspiration from.
Credit Murtaza Imran Ali / Flickr - CC

Check out Akram's version starting August 29 at 7 pm on the north side of the Bloch Building, and the rest of "Echoes: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists" through March 30, 2014.


  • Kimberly Masteller: Jeanne McCray Beals Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art at the Nelson-Atkins
  • Asheer Akram: Local artist and creator of the Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative