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Nature In The City: Winter 2014

Jan 13, 2014

Scott tweeted us, "Here's a Red tailed hawk eating a Junco he took from my feeder."
Credit Scott G (gipsonwonds) / Twitter

It's winter, and with shorter days, bone-chilling temperatures and snow and ice, we typically stay indoors.

Many forgo their daily walk in with nature. And most of us figure that there’s not much nature to see anyway.

But what are we missing?

As it turns out, we are missing a whole lot. It’s that time again for Nature in the City, a quarterly look at the plants and animals in and around the metro.

We look at some of the migratory birds that pass through and the others that stick around. We also decode some of the tracks you may see in the snow, among other things only winter brings.


  • Joe Werner, a biologist and urban ecologist
  • Larry Rizzo, a Natural History Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation