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Native American Genealogist Discusses Trail Of Tears

Aug 25, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City has a hidden treasure with its National Archives site. And one person who's spent time combing those archives is Independence resident and genealogist Shirley Donaldson. After she learned about her own Cherokee heritage, she went on to spend 26 years studying Native American historical records. Donaldson also coordinates study groups, and gives lectures on topics like the Buffalo Soldiers, or how the Kansas-Nebraska Act affected Native Americans. This Friday, she is lecturing on the Trail of Tears the forced relocation of about 46,000 Native Americans starting in 1832. Donaldson stopped by the studio to talk to us about the Trail of Tears and some of the challenges in studying Native American genealogy.

Shirley Donaldson is a geneologist and will present the "Trail of Tears" lecture on Friday morning at the National Archives on Pershing Road in Kansas City.

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