National Designation For Liberty Memorial Makes It To Full House

Dec 7, 2012

Kansas City Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver says he feels good about the designation of Liberty Memorial as the nation’s official World War One Memorial. The bill made it out of committee this week without any House opposition, but similar measures have had a checkered history.

The bill offers something for past opponents who wanted a memorial in the nation’s capital. It will provide for one memorial on the National Mall, but the official museum and memorial would be Kansas City. 

Three years ago a Kansas City Memorial bill failed  for lack of attention in the U.S. Senate.

House co-sponsor Emanuel Cleaver has guarded optimism this time around.

“I am always going to be a little hesitant about proclaiming victory. It is time for us to get the legislation approved in order that we might raise the money necessary to have the centennial commemoration,” says Cleaver.

Democrat Cleaver has a co-sponsor, Republican Ted Poe of Texas.