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Multiracial Families Share Strategies For Raising Children

Jun 15, 2009

Kansas City, MO – President Barack Obama, champion golfer Tiger Woods and actress Halle Berry: they're some of the best-known of a growing segment of the US population. People who identify themselves as multiracial are the fastest growing group in the country. The Census Bureau recently reported that the number has risen by 3.4% to 5.2 million. And now that people can check more than one box for race, 33% more Americans did just that.

Real numbers, however, are hard to come by. Some multiracial Americans still identify themselves according to what's called the "one-drop" rule. It's a carry-over from the times of slavery, when just one drop of African blood was enough to identify a person as black. So why are people feeling more comfortable identifying themselves as multiracial now? KCUR's Susan B. Wilson recently visited a local group of multiracial families to find out more.

The Multiracial Family Circle meets monthly at the Community Christian Church near the Plaza.

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