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Monsanto And Whole Foods Clash Over GM Foods

Mar 18, 2013

The recent announcement by grocery chain Whole Foods that it will require labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients was greeted with excitement by many consumer groups. Biotech giant Monsanto, a leader in GM technology, sees it another way.

Whole Foods hopes to have labels on the GMO products on its shelves in five years. That move has certainly caught the attention of the food industry.

Monsanto President Brett Begeman, speaking at an agriculture event this week in Decatur, Illinois, called the move "big" and said it shows that the agriculture industry needs to come together to address the concerns of what he called the "affluent consumer.”

“How do we address their concerns and provide them the choice that they're asking for without driving up the cost on the large part of the population that can not afford another increase in the cost of food?” questioned Begeman.

Begeman says the ag industry needs to figure how to cooperate and co-exist with those who have different food policy views.