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Money Restored To Endangered Babies Centers

Mar 24, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Two Kansas City area nurseries which shelter endangered infants and toddlers will continue operating with state aid. They are included in a dozen around Missouri that were expecting funds-cutoff this week.

Parents who are overwhelmed or who don't trust themselves to care for their young can a bring them, voluntarily, to the Salvation Army or Synergy Services in the Northland. State crisis centers were facing loss of a half million dollars. Yesterday Missouri Department of Social Services decided to keep funds in place through end of the fiscal year.

For Laurie Jackson of Synergy, 34 of 35 calls the last ten days were for the crisis nursery.

"And we can take care of the children for a few days, work with the parents, help ease the stress of the situation so that the child can go back home."

Goal is to keep children from becoming wards of the state.