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Missouri Million Dollar Court Win Is Detailed

Kansas City, Mo. – Nursing homes serving Missouri military veterans are due nearly a million dollars. Meeting with Kansas City reporters, Attorney General Jay Nixon laid out the claims and findings finalized this week.

The Veterans Home at Warrensburg was built in the year two thousand. It passed federal VA inspection. Old soldiers, sailors, marines moved in. Then funding was pulled. Nixon describes the battle over building specs, saying: underneath the doors in rooms that were supposed to be smoke clear you could only have one eighth inch underneath that door..and when they measured one of the doors, it exceeded one-eighth inch..We've been fighting 7 years about that .
The U S Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims awards Missouri $906 thousand . It can be spent by the agency operating 7 veterans homes across the state. The federal Department of Veterans Affairs has one avenue of appeal, to the U.S. Supreme Court. Nixon says he imagines the justices have more weighty matters to consider.