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Missouri Down $1 Billion in 2010

Dec 8, 2009

Kansas City, MO – Senate budget writers say that the state of Missouri will likely have one billion dollars less to work with than it did prior to the 2009 legislative session.

The Senate Appropriations Committee is taking testimony this week from various people and agencies who want at least the same amount of funding for the next fiscal year, if not more.

Committee member and GOP Senator David Pearce believes revenues will continue to trend downward.

David Pearce: "Quite honestly, the next couple of years are gonna be rough I think one thing we have to remember in state government (is) we cannot spend more than we take in, so that gives you two choices: Either raise taxes, or you live within your budget in many case(s), you have to cut or freeze budgets."

A representative from the agency that administers job programs for the disabled is among several asking the committee not to cut funding.