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Mike Bloomfield- The Lost Legend

Mar 12, 2014

On this edition of Cyprus Avenue host Bill Shapiro shines the spotlight on a nice Jewish kid from Chicago. Mike Bloomfield discovered R&B, blues and jazz at an early age.  So obsessed by what he heard, he literally dropped everything and dedicated his life to become one of the most incredible blues guitarists ever to take the stage.  He performed with many legendary musicians like Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters, and all would agree that Mike Bloomfield played a mean guitar.

Track List:

"I’m A Country Boy”

“I Got My Mojo Workin’”

“Judge, Judge”

“Like a Rolling Stone”

“That’s All Right”

“The Weight”

“Don’t You Lie To Me”

“Darktown Strutter’s Ball”

“Carmelita Skiffle”

“Gypsy Good Time”

“The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar”