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Message is Clear: Don't Tinker With Dog Mandate

Dec 27, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – It'll be hard for Missouri lawmakers to avoid seeing a message designed for their eyes, as they arrive in the state capital for the next legislative session. Billboards are being set up along highways leading to Jefferson City.

The adverts say "Missouri Voters Have Spoken. Will you listen?" It's about the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevent Act, Prop B passed in November. Some legislators are talking about overturning or weakening it. Barbara Schmitz directed the campaign that promoted Prop B, saying today--"We've spent a little over $20 thousand on the billboards and we have purchased six billboard to begin with. We will re-evaluate once the legislative session gets underway to see if we need to go ahead and purchase additional billboard for our campaign."

Prop B doesn't go into effect until next November. Schmitz says of any attempts to repeal it, that subverting judgment of voters is anti democratic.