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Making Movies Takes On Latino Rock World

In the 1960's Spanish-language rock and roll began evolving separately from the mainstream and today, Rock En Espanol, with its own rhythms and cultural themes, is considered it's own genre. The Kansas City band Making Movies is also finding it's own niche as a Midwestern rock band with Latino roots.

Kansas City, MO – In the Kansas City band Making Movies, singer-songwriter Enrique Chi, who was born in Panama, is joined by his brother Diego as well as Brenden Culp and Nic Kolar. Their first recording, an EP called Tierra Firma, featured both English and Spanish versions of five original songs and told stories of the colonization of Panama. Enrique Chi and Nic Kolar recently came by our studio to talk with Sylvia Gross about that first CD and to give a live taste of what they are working on now.

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