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Love Is...

Feb 12, 2012

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Renee' celebrates the spirit of love that Valentine's Day brings by sharing her love of music, this week featuring new Night Tides artists Bernadette Yao, Dan Blanchard and Jennifer Zulli.

Bernadette Yao studied voice at Indiana University, then worked for several years in television production. However, after suffering through a serious injury, she has focused on the alternative healing arts such as meditation, yoga, and reiki. The music she produces on her own label is meant to be a healing force for the listener, providing calmness and comfort through sound. Watch for two new albums, to be released this year, by Ms. Yao.

Dan Blanchard is a certified yoga instructor and therapist. He draws directly on Indian classical music styles to create music ideal for use during yoga practice or simply to achieve a feeling of harmony. His album, "Awakening," is meant to accompany a raga bhairav, a yogic practice done in the early morning.

Jennifer Zulli is a music educator, musician, and composer who, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, turned to meditation during her recovery, and began to experiment with sound healing. She released her album "Diamon" in 2009, and won the VH1 award for Song of the Year that same year.

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