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Local Distilleries

Apr 16, 2013

All the flavor in whiskey comes from the barrels.

Socializing and drinking go hand in hand, and across the United States the hobby of making your own beer and wine has grown in the last few decades. But when it comes to liquor, the law makes it much more difficult to home brew whiskey, vodka or rum as a hobby, and as a result there are very few local distilleries across the nation.  We're joined by three special distilleries: Patrick Garcia the master distiller at Dark Horse Distillery in Lenexa, Kansas; Ralph Hayes the marketing director for Pinckney Bend distillery out of New Haven, Missouri; and Seth Fox president of High Plains in Atchison, Kansas

We explore the culture of micro-distilleries and how these small, locally owned distilleries have blossomed across the country in the last few years. We’ll also talk with the first micro-distillery in Kansas as well as some other local producers of your favorite booze.