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Life Times 18 For Waldo Rapist

Sep 30, 2011

Kansas City, MO. – Only by a miracle will Bernard Jackson be a free man again. Today the 53 year old convicted Kansas City multiple rapist was sentenced to 18 life prison terms. The sentences delivered by a Jackson County Circuit Judge will loop upon each other.

Jackson committed his crimes in the early to mid 1980's.

Women were attacked in their homes in and around the Waldo district. DNA evidence and victim testimony capped the case built by Kansas City police and prosecutors over thousands of hours.

When charges were filed earlier this year, then-Jackson County Prosecutor Jim Kanatzer spoke to the terror Jackson visited on the city--"you're talking about multiple, multiple cases and charges of sexual assault in various degrees. And, of course, he's extremely dangerous in that regard."

Jackson said nothing as he was being sentenced to consecutive prison terms on his July convictions. There were seven counts each of rape and sodomy and four of robbery.

He still faces trial on two other assaults in the Waldo region.