Lawsuit Trying To Remove President Obama From Ballot Delayed

Oct 3, 2012

A judge has delayed a lawsuit aimed at taking President Barack Obama off the election ballot. A California attorney had filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Kansas man, arguing that Obama isn't eligible to be president.

Attorney Orly Taitz filed the suit. A judge in Topeka was going to hear the arguments today. But according to court documents posted online, the process is on hold. They're waiting for a determination of whether Taitz has legal standing to bring the case.

The documents say Taitz was given the chance to expedite the process, but said she needed more time. Waiting for Taitz, and the defendants, to respond could push the case past the November election, effectively making it a moot point. Taitz claims Obama isn't eligible to be president and he's using forged documents.

Hawaii officials sent a letter to the state of Kansas saying the information in Obama's birth certificate is accurate.