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The Latest from The Movie Critics

Walt Bodine's Movie Critics are back with their reviews and ratings for recently released films.

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The golden statues have all been handed out, the red carpet rolled up, and the swag distributed. Time to get back to work. And for our movie critics, that means assessing the best and worst of movies playing on local screens.

Marie Asner, Metro Voice
Thom Poe, Professor of Communication Studies, UMKC
John Tibbets, Associate Professor of Theater and Film, University of Kansas

Ratings are from one (1) low to five (5) high

Alice in Wonderland (PG) 2 1/2
Brooklyn's Finest (G) 3
Ghost Writer (PG 13) 4
What's The Matter with Kansas 3.5 (only showing at the Tivoli)
Remember Me (PG 13) 3
Creation (PG 13) 3 1/2