KU Student Senate Begins Process Of Impeachment For Leaders

Nov 19, 2015

KU Student Body President Jessie Pringle speaks to the KU Student Senate.
Credit Stephen Koranda / Kansas Public Radio

Leaders of the Student Senate at the University of Kansas made the case to keep their jobs Wednesday night, but the impeachment process is now underway.

The turmoil is in response to claims of racism and discrimination at KU. The Executive Committee of the Senate called for the president, vice president and chief of staff to resign or face possible impeachment.

Student Body President Jessie Pringle told the Senate that she would stay in her post.

“I did not resign, and I’m not leaving this body behind. I still have work to do, but it’s more than I could imagine. But I’m going to commit myself to it. I think I’m able to do it,” said Pringle.

All three leaders chose not to resign and released a statement proposing ways to combat racism at KU. Senator Shegufta Huma spelled out why they’re seeking impeachment.

“The plan of action released by these three executives late Monday night was not sufficient. The statement came much too late and does not adequately address the problems KU and Student Senate face,” said Huma.

The actual impeachment process, if successful, could take weeks.