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KCI Advisory Group Gets Lesson On Airport Operations

Jun 18, 2013

Kansas City’s airport advisory panel met in Union Station Tuesday morning.  Kansas City is looking at moving from its current three terminal layout to a new, single terminal.  Supporters of the new design say it’s a needed update to the 40-year-old structure because of security concerns. Opponents of the single terminal say the current system works well for travelers. 

Terminal A at Kansas City International Airport is one of the three terminals that would be replaced under the single terminal proposal.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

The panel's co-chair, Bob Berkebile, says he learned a couple of things from what the group was calling airport school, and he notes getting informed is an important first step.

“The airport is a complex operating system,” says Berkebile.  “We think it’s really important that every member of the commission really understands how this operates in order to make an informed recommendation.”

Airport director Mark VanLoh says the goal of a single terminal is not to make Kansas City a hub again.   

“And airlines aren’t creating hubs anymore.  They really aren’t,” says VanLoh. “We all know of those dominant hubs out there like Dallas and Detroit but airlines are more focused on making money and going to point-to-point service.”

The group of two dozen community and business leaders will meet again in two weeks and expects to continue meeting throughout the summer.