KC Mayor Vetoes Measure To Get His Wife Out Of City Hall

Sep 18, 2008

Kansas City – For months, members of the City Council, and others, have complained about the role Gloria Squitiro, Funkhouser's wife, plays in the mayor's office. Squitiro puts in upwards of 20 hours a week, making calls, following policy, and --apparently-
annoying people. Last week the council voted 12-1 (Funkhouser being the 1) passing an ordinance prohibiting family volunteers (i.e. Squitiro) from working in city offices. Last night, Funkhouser vetoed it.

Funkhouser: "This is embarrassing, not to me, not to Gloria, but to the city. I will not let anyone dictate how I run my office. I work with, not for you. I work for the residents of Kansas City."

Councilwoman Jan Marcason sponsored the ordinance. She says it could have been a less contentious.

Marcason: "You had 12 people who say this is a good thing. That should have stopped the conversation right there. You had a united council."

Funkhouser has threatened to sue the council if they override his veto next week.