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KC Mafia History, Horn Doctor, The Great Immensity

The show for February 26, 2012.  Click "Listen" to hear the entire show; see below for individual stories.

Made in Olathe: Custom Brass Instruments

In the seven years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, a local man has played a role in bringing the brass band sound back to the streets. For KC Currents’ Odd Jobs segment, we pay a visit to Mike Corrigan, a master craftsman in Olathe, who is custom-making trumpets and trombones for some of the top jazz musicians in the country.

Black Hand, Strawman: Organized Crime History In KC

Kansas City may be famous for its jazz and barbeque, but it also has the dubious distinction of having had one of the best mafias in the country.   This is according to Terence O’Malley, who's researched the history of organized crime in Kansas City.  O'Malley told this story in the 2009 documentary Black Hand, Strawman, and has now published a companion book.

Translating Science Into News

Scientists researching complex topics often come up empty-handed when it comes time to explain their findings. It’s hard to distill years of intricate, complex research into tiny bites a layman can understand. University of Missouri communications experts are teaming up with scientists to help bridge the gap.

Memories Of Barbed Wires And Guard Towers

Lawrence artist Roger Shimomura talks about how being detained in a Japanese American internment camp has affected his work.

The Great Immensity Unites Theater And Investigative Journalism

It’s only in recent weeks that the KC area has seen any real signs of winter, although other parts of the world are actually experiencing record cold temperatures. If the weather lately seems baffling and strange, the Kansas City Repertory Theatre might suggest some explanations with the world premiere of the play, The Great Immensity. It was created with the help of a partner not really known for its connection to theater.