KC Hip-Hop Artist Les Izmore On Live Performing, KC Pride, Apples

May 2, 2013

During any given week, local hip-hop artist Les Izmore may be found free-styling in the Crossroads, fronting an 18 piece afro-beat/funk dance band, or opening for big acts coming through, like Kendrick Lamar and next week, Talib Kweli.

Izmore's work often references his love of Kansas City and the Midwest:

Izmore is now out with a new album, Heartfelt Anarchy--a friendly public radio warning, the album does contain explicit material.  This is his second album, with the first one released five years ago. This new project involves the beats and production design of Kansas City-based D/Will.

Les Izmore speaks with about his childhood, his love of Granny Smith Apples and the hip hop culture of Kansas City.