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KC Currents Election Dreamin'

Nov 2, 2008

Kansas City, MO – It's been an intense political season, enough to blow away some seasoned political reporters, like Up to Date's Steve Kraske, who last week declared, "I think this whole thing has been a dream." So the KC Currents team imagined what that dream might sound like . . .


Up To Date at Plaza Library
Matt Blunt Declines to Run for Reelection
John Toplikar Caught Stealing Signs
John Toplikar Responds
Jim Slattery's Hosed Ad
Kenny Hulshof's No Bull Ad
Sam Graves' Ad
McCain Rally in Independence

Michelle Obama Rally at 18th and Vine
Jacob Turk
Emanuel Cleaver at Michelle Obama Rally

RoboCalls (courtesy of Gina Kaufmann)
McCain Rally
Juan Perea y Monsuwe for Governor of Missouri

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