Kansas Secretary Of State Candidates Kobach and Schodorf Debate

Oct 16, 2014

Democratic secretary of state nominee, Jean Schodorf debated Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in the KCUR studios.
Credit Alyson Raletz / KCUR

The office of Kansas Secretary of State is usually a sleepy, bottom-of-the-ticket office that doesn't draw big attention at election time.

Not this year. Kris Kobach has been a high-profile, stir-it-up secretary of state in his four years in office where he's made cracking down on voter fraud a central concern.

His opponent, Jean Schodorf, is a former 10-year Republican state senator who later switched to the Democratic Party. She calls the way Kobach has handled the office an "embarrassment" to the state.

Thursday on Up to Date, an in-studio debate between the two major-party candidates vying to become the state's chief elections official.


  • Kris Kobach, Republican, Kansas Secretary of State
  • Jean Schodorf, the Democratic Party's nominee for the office