Kansas Republican Party Chair Kris Kobach On Immigration And The Upcoming Election

Sep 22, 2008

One recent piece of legislation that was seen as a victory for Latino immigrants is the 2004 law allowing undocumented students who went to high school in Kansas to pay in-state tuition rates at local colleges. That law has been challenged each year since, in the statehouse and in federal court, and has been upheld in both places. But this week, an appeals court in California made a different decision - which could lead to the repeal of instate tuition benefits for illegal immigrants in that state.

One of the attorneys challenging the laws, both in Kansas and California, is Kansas Republican Party Chair and UMKC law professor Kris Kobach. KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross met Kobach in his office on Thursday, and he talked about his support of state and local laws restricting illegal immigration, and how he thinks the issue of immigration will affect the upcoming election.

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