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Kansas Health Services Cut

Dec 4, 2009

The Kansas Health Policy Authority will be cutting services as a way to save cash.

The cuts will increase a backlog of applications for medical assistance programs like Medicaid. The current backlog of more than 15,000 applicants is projected to double by mid 2011.

Barb Langner, acting Medicaid director, says this will mean longer waits for applicants.

"During that time they will either delay seeking services or if they seek services, there's a potential that the provider may not be paid," Langner said.

The cuts will also mean eliminating a Medicaid help line. That call center handles more than 200,000 questions a year from Medicaid providers and beneficiaries in Kansas.

The KHPA Board Executive Committee approved the cuts today in response to state's $1.13 million budget reduction to the program last month.