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Kansas Democrats Propose 14 Job Bills

Dec 21, 2011

Democrats in the legislature are introducing 14 bills they say will spur job growth and career training in Kansas.

The plans include speeding up a 10 year transportation plan, so jobs are created sooner. The legislation would also give businesses a tax credit for training apprentices.

House Minority Leader Paul Davis, a Lawrence Democrat, says he hopes the plan won’t get mired in partisan politics.

“These are proposal that are well thought out, well reasoned, ought to have bipartisan support, an ought to be passed in this legislative session,” says Davis.

The proposal is to expand gaming to pay for the legislation. The revenue would come from adding slot machines to racetracks in the state and building a new casino in southeast Kansas.

That part of the bill could face opposition from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. He’s discouraged lawmakers from taking up gaming bills in the coming session.