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Kansas Conference Committees Negotiate Budget, Tax Bills

Mar 25, 2013

The Kansas House and Senate have passed their versions of both budget and tax plans, but there's still plenty of work ahead. The two chambers will now try to smooth out differences between the plans.

Conference committees made up of three members from each chamber will work to find a compromise between the different bills. Both chambers will then consider the compromise legislation.

The House tax plan would cut income tax rates more slowly, and only if state revenues grow at a certain rate. The Senate bill would include more aggressive income tax rate cuts, and would cancel a scheduled lowering of the sales tax set for later this year, to help balance the budget.

Democrats say both plans are actually a tax increase, because Kansans would pay more taxes until the cuts fully take effect in several years.

As far as the budget, both include cuts to higher education to help balance the budget, but different amounts. That’s just one of the differences the chambers will have to resolve.

Conference committee meetings could start this week.