Kansas City School District Scraps Plan For Waldo Wal-Mart | KCUR

Kansas City School District Scraps Plan For Waldo Wal-Mart

Sep 6, 2013

The Kansas City School board sided with many in the community and turned down a proposal to put in a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in Waldo.

A crowd of 125 people gathered at Southwest Early College Campus for a town hall.  Cheers came after the school board vice-chair Crispin Rea announced the board’s decision against the grocery store.

Wal-Marts plan included knocking down Bingham Middle School, building the new store, and parking.  Other plans included green space and a soccer field.

Tiffany Moore is the president of the Armor Hills Home Owners Association. She says most of the home owners associations are not against Wal-Mart specifically, but all commercial use for the property.    

“It was very important to us as community leaders to make sure that it was clear that we’re not anti-development but that we’re very in favor of thoughtful development , so that our communities stay whole and healthy for the long term,” says Moore.

Supporters of Wal-Mart would have added jobs and tax revenue from its participation in the community improvement district.

For now, the Bingham School is on the district’s demolition list. But, the school board says they reserve the right to consider commercial buyers or partners for community use.