The Kansas City Farmer Of The Future

May 29, 2012

For this Wednesday's Central Standard, we bring you our second show asking-- what will the farmer of the future look like?  But this time we're looking for answers in our own metro area.

On our recent simulcast with Iowa Public Radio (KCUR, HPM), farmer Issac Phillips from Richland, IA told us, “The Farmer of the Future will  have to be a livestock specialist, an attorney, an agriculture scientist, an accountant, and a veterinarian. You have to be a jack of all trades." While Kate Edwards of Wild Woods Farm told us, "The Farmer of the Future is not yet defined. It depends on those who aren't farmers." What do you think?

Are you a young farmer trying to get your start? What drew you to the business, and what obstacles are you facing?

Brandon Fahrmeier, Fahrmeier Family Vineyard and Farm
Rachel Pollock, New Roots for Refugees
Sarah Dehart, Second-year Apprentice at Cultivate KC's Gibbs Road Farm

What Will the Farmer of the Future Look Like Pt. 1 (KCUR, HPM)
Harvest Public Media Series: Farmer of the Future (HPM)

@kcurCST "The farmer of the future will have to be a jack of all trades." - Isaac Phillips, Hog & Beef Farmer

“You have to be constantly learning new things…learning from neutral sources.” Luke Gran of @practicalfarmer

@HarvestPM Cash rents? “If you’re not the high bidder, you can’t rent land.” Tyler Franzenburg, young farmer. 

@HarvestPM Kate Edwards: "I would love to own land someday. I would like to have the quintessential 1950s farm.”

@HarvestPM Wildwood Farms boss: 1 acre=feeding 30 families. A future farmer who goes small.

@HarvestPM “Almost like an E-Harmony for farmers.” @ClaytonMasters description of programs to help new farmers.

@ClaytonMasters “Banks simply aren't’ lending to first-time farmers. They see them as too much of a risk.” Talk show is on!

@kcurCST "There's this idea that farming is a guild system - that you're born into it - that just isn't true." -John Baker, ISU

@kcurCST "The Farmer of the Future is not yet defined. It depends on those who aren't farmers." -Kate Edwards, Wild Woods Farm