Kansas City Council Condemns Planned Nazi Rally | KCUR

Kansas City Council Condemns Planned Nazi Rally

Nov 1, 2013

By unanimous vote, the Kansas City Council Thursday condemned a planned rally by the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group. The group says they will gather to protest immigration reform November 9 in Kansas City, Mo.

The National Socialist Movement, pictured here at a previous event, have said they will have a rally November 9 in Kansas City.

Citing data from the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and  the Southern Poverty Law Center, the city’s resolution encouraged  citizens to challenge the segregationist beliefs of the organization. 

Councilman John Sharp said  people "should not physically challenge" protestors but they shouldn't ignore them, either.

Buddy Rumble, regional head of the National Socialist Movement says the November 9 rally is meant to be a peaceful event that is meant to send a message to Washington. He said the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country should go back to their homeland.

Rumble said the Nazi group are going to be joined by the Ku Klux Clan and Aryan Nations. He said enrollment in many white separatist groups is growing as whites are frustrated with increasing multiculturalism.

"We are not looking to do any armed insurrections or anything. People have a misconception that we're gonna go out here and start the holocaust over again, and that's not our stand," said Rumble.

The National Socialist Website advertises classes and workshops in advance of the rally. 

The planned date, November 9 is the anniversary of  Kristallnacht , or "The Night of Broken Glass" in Nazi Germany and Austria when police and civilians destroyed Jewish-owned buildings and synagogues and killed hundreds of Jews and took hundreds of thousands of Jews to concentration camps.