Kansas City Chiefs Coach Out As Team's Defensive Coordinator

Nov 5, 2012

No change at general manager, no change at head coach, but the Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is taking himself out as the team's defensive coordinator. 

Linebackers coach Gary Gibbs was promoted to take on these responsibilities

Crennel says he's trying to change some perceptions as the 1-and-7 Chiefs next play a Monday Night Football game at Pittsburgh one week from today.

"Sometimes a young player sees one thing, and he sees you over there on the other side all the time and he never sees you over here on this side. Then, he can begin to assume that he doesn't care about us over here," says Crennel. "And that's not the case, never has been the case. But if that's the perception of one player, then I need to change that perception."

The Chiefs also announced today the team is releasing one of its starting cornerbacks, Stanford Routt.