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Kansas City Chief Seeks Crime Victim Aid

Jun 7, 2012

Kansas City’s Police Chief does not disagree with published reports about dropped murder cases.  Chief Daryl Forte told the City Council, victims still refuse to testify out of fear.

The Chief told the Council The Kansas City Star did his department great money-saving service by researching failed murder cases, and it’s true 6 out of 10 were dropped last year for want of victim cooperation.

Forte said he plans to have officers keep in closer touch with people who can help carry a prosecution to a conviction.

According to the Chief, a letter to victims telling of importance of their cooperation needs refinement and should be sent and resent three times if there is no response.

District police would have a role, added Forte.

“You know, we drive up and down many streets every day.  If you have some people on your list, stop by and ask if they want to prosecute now, and if not, why not,” he said.

The Chief also says the department needs better information on how to reach crime victims, email addresses and willingness to take text messages.