From Kansas City And Beyond, The Best Music Of 2017

Kansas City's music scene has a long tradition of hardworking artists who turn out great, original songs. Last year was no different. Today, co-creater Savanna Howland, Judy Mills of Mills Record Company, and KCUR contributor Bill Brownlee offer a sampling of their favorite 2017 releases from Kansas City and around the world. From Bummer to Deborah Brown, the list includes acts to satisfy jazz heads and head-bangers alike.

Today's local playlist:

"Holy Terror," by Bummer

"Ask Me Now," by Deborah Brown

"Innocence," by Mess

"Teenage Bodies," by Rachel Mallin & the Wild Type

"Elm," by Matt Otto and Ensemble Ibérica

"Only One," by Payge Turner

"High Tension," by Salty

"American Dream," by Samantha Fish

"Stay Away," by The Atlantic