Kansas Citians Can’t Decide Whether They Live In A Football Or Baseball Town

Jan 20, 2016

For years, the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the hearts of local sports fans.

But we wanted to know how the Kansas City Royals’ recent World Series win and national attention changed the conversation, even as the Chiefs flirted with a chance at the Super Bowl.

When we asked Kansas Citians to draw a line in the sand and answer, “Is Kansas City a football or baseball town?” we suspect a little bit of “Midwestern nice” took over.  

“Just say, ‘Yes,’” Joyce Winter Neises tells us on Facebook.

Monja Calvert, of Raytown, Missouri, who inherited her love of the Royals from her father, says Kansas City is a baseball town.
Credit Courtesy photo / Monja Calvert

Some version of “both” was the most common response we heard from Kansas Citians.

“Let's not fall into the ‘one true sport for the city’ narrative that plagued the city on the other side of Missouri,” Chris Neises tells us on Facebook. “Plenty of room for multiple sports teams.”

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Despite the popular need to bleed red and blue, football came in as a close second in our informal poll.

"I believe Kansas City loves both of its teams, but the Chiefs (and the NFL in general) have a bigger draw,” Kyler Christian, of Liberty, Missouri, writes us via an online survey through our Tell KCUR source network.

“Looking at things like attendance will show the real story; even in their worst years, the Chiefs manage to fill out Arrowhead Stadium each Sunday.”

The Royals fans we did hear from begged to differ, however:

  As an aside, Monja Calvert, of Raytown, Missouri, tells us the 2015 Royals season helped her cope with the death of her father, an avid Royals fan.

After her father died in June, “my brothers talked, (texted) and emailed each other speculating how much dad was enjoying this season through us. This season brought our family closer together,” Calvert writes in her response to our survey. 

And there was a small contingent of folks who didn’t think Kansas City was a baseball or football town. Instead, they sided with soccer.

The Rev. Rick Behrens, of Kansas City, Kansas, says Kansas City is a soccer town, not a football or baseball town.
Credit Courtesy photo / Rick Behrens

“Sporting KC has captured the imagination of a revolutionary segment of KC's millennial population,” the Rev. Rick Behrens, of Kansas City, Kansas, writes us. “The days of Chiefs loyalty are numbered. The Royals will remain in the picture as Sporting ascends."

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