Kansas Citians: 50 Years After The Civil Rights Act, We Still Have A Long Road

Jul 3, 2014

Marriage equality was a common issue Kansas Citians cited when we asked, "What are today's biggest challenges for civil rights?"
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Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As a country, we’ve since made progress on equal protections laws — not as much as some would’ve hoped — and new issues have emerged.

This week, we took to the airwaves and social media and asked: What are today’s biggest challenges for civil rights?

Discrimination based on race remains a hot-button issue, according to your answers.

“Unequal enforcement of drug laws for black men,” Eric Keith answered on Facebook.

Voting rights, marriage equality, gender discrimination and equality based on sexual preferences also were common answers.

“The biggest challenge to civil rights today is the inability of others to truly provide for latitude and understanding with regard to an individual’s beliefs when it comes to ‘social issues,’” Victor Juliana writes us in an email.

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