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Kansas Board Of Education Reviews Snack Rules

Oct 16, 2013

The Kansas Board of Education Tuesday reviewed new federal rules on food sales in schools slated to take effect next year. The healthy snack requirements govern the kinds of food items that can be sold to students during the school day.

Kansas already has requirements in place that in many cases meet or exceed the new federal rules. Cheryl Johnson, director of child nutrition and wellness at the Kansas Department of Education,  told the board that much of the work in Kansas will be creating exemptions for certain activities, such as fundraising bake sales in schools.

“I think we will enact some sort of a number of exemptions for the schools and let them decide," she said. "We haven’t really got to that part yet because it’s not a final rule.”

The new requirements will not affect concession sales at after-school events. The new regulations are not finalized and the federal government will be taking comments on the rules until later this month.