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Junkyard Proceeds Help Al-Qaida

May 19, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Terrorist supporters will turn up in unlikely situations: Take the man who pleaded guilty today in Kansas City Federal District Court.

Khalid Ouazzani owned a junk yard selling used car parts on Truman Road. He sold it, later admitted some bank fraud and overseas money laundering and today pleaded guilty to conspiracy to support al-Qaida. Ouazzani told Federal District Judge Howard Sachs he had someone else hand over two donations to al-Qaida worth $23 thousand between 2007 and last February.

He said he and others talked about fighting for al-Qaida in Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia.

U. S. Attorney Beth Phillips told reporters Ouazzani wasn't interested in domestic terrorism. In her words, " We have no evidence that Ouazzani engaged in any specific plot against the United States government."

Phillips refused to say if others involved were arrested or awaiting prosecution. Ouazzani faces as many as 65 years in prison when sentenced.