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The Journal Of Best Practices

Jan 13, 2012

There comes a time in every marriage when many wives begin to wonder “What the heck is wrong with my husband’s brain?!”

But in 2008, Kristen Finch took it a step further: she took her husband David by the hand and walked him through a 200-question analysis that, as she predicted, diagnosed him with Asperger Syndrome. Suddenly David’s egocentricity, odd and often repetitive behaviors, and driving focus on particular topics made perfect sense. But that didn’t make him easier to live with.

Kristen and David’s marriage was in crisis, but rather than giving up or calling it quits, David began taking notes on his behavior and how to change it, in what would ultimately become his Journal of Best Practices.

Friday on Up to Date, Steve Kraske talked with David and Kristen Finch about how David turned his compulsive focus to correcting his own behavior and attitudes, from the mundane to the grand, with the primary goal being a better husband, a better father, and a better human.