Johnson County Opioid Use, Sports Fandom In Kansas City, And A Moot Vote For Minimum Wage

Aug 7, 2017

Illegal use of (and deaths attributed to) opioids, like the hydrocodone shown here, continues to increase across the country, affecting even the most wealthy communities in Kansas and Missouri.
Credit frankieleon / Flickr - CC

Just because court filings suggest illegal opioid use is down in Kansas' wealthiest county doesn't mean its residents are unaffected by rising usage nationwide. Today, we'll find out what opiate use looks like in Johnson County. Then, we learn what exactly makes sports fandom such a big deal in Kansas City, whether it's for the Chiefs, the Royals or Sporting KC. Later, we ask whether a vote for a higher minimum wage in Kansas City is moot, in light of a Missouri law that disallows local ordinances of the sort.