Jazz Guitarist John Scofield, And Revisiting The Battlefields Of World War I

May 23, 2017

Grammy-winning jazz guitarist John Scofield will stop by Kansas City to perform in the 2017 Jazz and Heritage Festival.
Credit Robert Drózd / Wikimedia Commons

John Scofield continues to make strides in the music world. His latest album, Country For Old Men, won the 2016 Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Album. Today, the renowned guitarist recalls playing with the likes of Miles Davis and Charles Mingus. Then, we revisit the battleground sites of World War I with author Richard Rubin to learn why a war most Americans think of as over and done remains very much alive to the French who live among its ruins and memories.

John Scofield will be performing at the Kansas City Jazz and Heritage Festival at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 26. For ticketing and more information, visit AmericanJazzMuseum.org.