Inequality Reshapes Families, KC's Sandlot History, And State Senator Faces Likely Expulsion

Aug 22, 2017

While neighborhood sandlots aren't as common in Kansas City as they have been in the past, Sam and Ana Beckett and the Kansas City Royals are looking to revive the tradition with the Urban Youth Academy being built in Parade Park.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The definition of an American family is no longer a man and his wife, living in suburbia with their 2.3 kids. Today, we learn about some of the economic forces reshaping families. Then, we explore the history of sandlot baseball in Kansas City, and find out how communities are trying to revive the tradition. Later, we discuss the controversy over Democratic Missouri Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, of University City, who hoped in a recent Facebook comment for Pres. Donald Trump's assassination.

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