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Immigration: A Grown-Up Subject For Young Readers

Aug 27, 2013

Kansas City writer Angela Cervantes' latest book is "Gaby, Lost and Found"

The newest book by Kansas City author Angela Cervantes tackles a tough subject: what happens when immigrant families are torn apart. Cervantes' approach is different: the book is written for a young audience aged 8-12, and tackles a topic difficult and all-too-familar to many of her intended readers.

In the second portion of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with Cervantes about Gaby, Lost and Found, the method she uses to relate to children, and why it's rare to see Latinos on the cover of mainstream books.


  • Angela Cervantes spent most of her childhood living in the Mexican-American community of Oakland in Topeka, KS. After earning her English degree from the University of Kansas, Cervantes moved to Brownsville, Texas where she was introduced to the music of Selena, ceviche, and learned to two-step. After two years learning Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico, Angela returned to Kansas City, completed an MBA, and co-founded a Chicana poetry group. You can read her complete bio here.