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Hunt Ends: Child Found Dead

Oct 23, 2009

Jefferson City, Mo. – A little girl from St. Martins, Mo., missing nearly two days has been found dead in a deep stand of woods. And an older boy has been arrested.

Elizabeth Olten told parents on a cell phone she was walking home from neighbors Wednesday late afternoon. She vanished. Electronics technicians were able to detect 'pings' from her phone for a time but they faded. The search had been joined by F.B.I. agents, Missouri Highway Patrol troopers and volunteers.

Search teams with dogs were in their second day of covering wooded terrain within a mile of the girl's home when, Sheriff Greg White of Cole County said, written and other evidence led then to a somewhat older boy, still a minor. And that boy led them to her body. Reporters questioned the sheriff after the discover of the girl's remains and the arrest. He said evidence teams were processing several areas. Asked to clarify the relationship between the child and the boy who was arrested, Sheriff White would only say---"they are acquainted."

Elizabeth Olten was 9 years old. Authorities asked prayers for her family, members of which were said to be 'deeply grieving.'