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Hospitals Serving Up More Than Green Jell-O

Jul 18, 2012

Hospital food doesn't tend to conjure images of gourmet cuisine or down-home victuals. In fact, most people tend to turn up their nose at the very thought of the bland meals that hospitals are known for serving.

However, this stereotype may be soon thrown out like last week's leftovers. Thursday on Up to Date, KCUR health reporter Elana Gordon talks about one hospital's struggle with McDonalds in their lobby. Plus, dietician  Bill Barkley explains how Children's Mercy Hospital strives to accommodate the special dietary needs of children. Got your own hospital food stories, or have questions for our guests? Join the conversation: call 816 235 2888 during the show, email, Tweet us @KCURUptoDate, or join KCUR's Facebook discussion.

Bill Barkley is the General Manager and Food Services Director and registered dietician at Children's Mercy Hopsital.