Hospital Ships Live in Studio | KCUR

Hospital Ships Live in Studio

Jan 25, 2012

In a recent Tiny Desk Concert – the band Hospital Ships performed crushingly beautiful songs with their eyes closed. With their nice collared shirts, 2-day-old beards, and folky feel, they look like the kinds you see sipping coffee at the Merc in Lawrence… because they are. In this episode of  Central Standard, Hospital Ships members Jordan Gieger and Taylor Holenbeck join us for a live in-studio performance of their songs Carry On (listen) and Phantom Limb (listen) off their album Lonely Twin. We also learn about how their recent tour in France compares to the US, and about Jordan's dear 18-year-old cat, Ramona. Oh, Ramona.

Psychedelic Khakis, Sweats and the Guzzler, Swoopy Loofah, and The Pencils.*

*We tried to look up these bands, and they are either not real (yet), or incredibly underground.