Heat Warnings And Advisories Continue; Cooling Centers Open | KCUR

Heat Warnings And Advisories Continue; Cooling Centers Open

Jul 19, 2010

Topkea, KS – Heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are in effect for much of eastern Kansas. Matt Wolters is with the National Weather Service in Topeka. He says the high temperatures aren't unusual for this time of year, but the high humidity is out of the ordinary.

"Typically you start to sweat, and then the sweat evaporates off your body and it cools you down," says Wolters. "When you have the high humidity and the temperatures we've been experiencing over the last few days, it makes it difficult to cool down by that way."

The mix of high temperatures and humidity has brought heat index readings nearing 110 degrees in some areas. Wolters says the high temperatures will likely continue for east central Kansas until at least mid week. He says to be careful when working outdoors and be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Several places throughout the Kansas City area, including libraries, Salvation Army offices, and YMCA centers have opened up public cooling centers.